iFrames and Embedded HTMLΒ 

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If you want to embed a website into your Kbee article, you can do so using anΒ iFrame . iFrames are a tried and tested way to embed websites, and Kbee supports them out of the box!Β 

Adding an iFrameΒ 

You can add iFrames to your Kbee Articles by pasting in your iFrame code:Β 
Image 1 Β 
This snippet displays in Kbee like this:Β 

Note: It is important to make sure the iFrame code is in a separate paragraph from your other content.Β 
You can copy this example:Β 
<iframe id="inlineFrameExample" title="Inline Frame Example" height="200" style=”width:100%;” src=" your url "></iframe>Β 

Changing the width and heightΒ 

You can use the height and width attributes on the iFrame to set the size of the contentΒ 
Image 2 Β 
Β You can also use the style attribute to further customize the iFrame.Β 
Image 3 Β 

Security ConsiderationsΒ 

Many web pages do not allow themselves to be iFramed. If you see an error or a sad face, this is most likely the problem.Β 
Image 4 Β 
Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this without asking the owner of the website to remove the security protections.Β 
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