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Kbee offers three plans that you can choose. Plans are billed on a monthly subscription.

Upgrading from the free trial

You can upgrade from the free trial to pro or business plan in the team settings page. Open the team settings page by clicking the avatar in the top right corner.
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Then click β€œChange Plan”
Image 2
Then, select the plan you want to upgrade to
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Fill out the form and start the subscription.
Note: For the Business Plan, you can specify a different number of seats and the price will update automatically.

Changing and Cancelling your plan

To manage your plan, click the β€œManage Plan” button
Image 4
In this dashboard, you can see your past billing history and update your credit card information.

Changing your plan

To change your plan, click β€œupdate plan” and select the new plan and options.
Image 5
Note: If you downgrade your plan from Business to Pro or reduce the number of Admin seats, Kbee will automatically prorate and credit your account.

Cancelling your plan

To cancel your plan, click the cancel button. You subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle, and then your account will revert to the Basic plan.
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