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Kbee collects anonymized analytics to let you see traffic and reactions for your articles. Admins can access this information directly in Kbee!

Open the analytics page

You can open the analytics page from the spaces overview:
Image 1
You can also open the page from the settings panel
Image 2

Space Analytics

The first screen you will see is an overview of the space. The graph shows the page views for all the articles in your space
Image 3
It may take a few seconds for the graph to load. You can change the start and end dates to show more or less data on the graph.
Below the graph, you can see all the articles in your space and the lifetime views, thumbs up, and thumbs down.
Image 4

Article Analytics

To see more in-depth traffic information for an article, click on the article in the table in the space analytics page.
You can also access the article analytics directly from the article in the Kbee dashboard.
Image 5
This graph on this page will show you traffic for the selected article
Image 6

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